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Artist Statement


Artist Statement

me painting Midnight Snack

me painting Midnight Snack

me painting Midnight Snack  

My paintings could be described as otherworldly. I enjoy expressing my sense of humour in paintings, as well as elements of absurdity, irony, and metaphor.

I present the viewer with an image that is not "normal." In an effort to understand my paintings the viewer must adopt an alien perspective -- that of an outsider looking into an unfamiliar world.

I use paint, building up the image gradually, often using glazes of transparent colour to enhance the depth and the overall mood of the painting.

The meanings of my paintings are intentionally vague and meant to engage the viewer to explore their own personal interpretations.

Artistic Influences of mine...
Rene Magritte
George Tooker
Ed Paschke

Mark Kostabi



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